“Dziekuje bardzo!”

In answer to Annie English’s question in the comment below, “Dziekuje bardzo” simply means, “Thank you very much.”  I studied Polish in high school and a bit more in college, but most everything I know is from some grammar books.  My grandmother helped me with pronunciation and grammar, as did Aunt Rita and others through the years.  I remember cutting grass in the summer time with a list of Polish words I was memorizing.

It’s really a nice language.  The cases are a difficult concept for English-speaking people, but you get over that once you realize we’re just talking parts of speech.

We’re using an English alphabet on this forum right now.  Perhaps I should add another so I can write Polish properly.  We’ll see.

Wish I could speak it more.

Franciszek & Katarzyna Napiecek’s Tombstone

Franciszek and Katarzyna Napiecek's tombstone

Cousin Annie English from California sent this photograph from her trip this past summer. I translated the inscription. “S.P.” is very common on Polish tombstones. It literally means, “Swietej Pamieci,” “In Holy Memory.”

Here’s the translation:

Here rests S.P.
Our Beloved
Born 23 October, 1855
Died 17 June, 1927
Our Beloved
Born 23 April, 1857
Died 2 December, 1930

Sarah’s (mostly connors) Ryan, Kathy’s New Bird

Heyy everybody

For Christmas we got a new bird. His name is Elliot. He only comes to me  Connor because i spend the most time with him. When my mom goes near him he tries to bite her and then he mocks her by laughing insensibly. Its really hilarious. He talks alot and sometime we can’t get him to stop. But over all we are so grateful for him. Thanx uncle Gary. Hes such a blessing. We’ll send you pictures in a little.

Connor Doran

Tickling the Ivories…


I have to tell you I am completely impressed with your piano and organ playing.  I don’t recall ever hearing anyone so young with that much talent — and so poised!  Keep up the good work, kiddo.

How’s Elliott?  Send me pictures!  I miss him!

Uncle Gary

Uploaded the Family Tree

Okay, everyone, I have uploaded all the information I’ve had saved for years.  This information has not been updated for years, either.

I need your input to verify, and provide any additions to your families, check my dates for accuracy.

If you see question marks near someone’s name, that’s a person we need to identify in history.  Some of these names go way, way back.

Please register on the blog so I can make you authors.

Just weathered some horrible storms here in Chicago.  Lots of trees and big branches down around town!